FileValidator, your content verified

Claiming your original work is currently not easily obtainable and as soon as you share anything online, it should be considered public. Powered by VIDT Datalink and built on VIDT Platform, FileValidator aims to make it as simple as possible to notarise your copyright claim for anything digital, anywhere. For people who create and invent, this is an extremely secure way to confirm your idea / work existed at a certain time, without sharing  unique characteristics.

Protect any type of digital file in 3 simple steps

The aim of FileValidator is to make validating a file as easy as possible. When you fire up the app, you simply choose “Validate”, browse on your device to choose the file and it is timestamped in seconds. The file can be anything, a photo, video, scan, PDF or for instance an attachment you have received in an email.

In case of any potential copyright claims or disputes, your wallet address and the corresponding transactions show that you were the one validating the file.


Your file is now verifiable

 When validating, or verifying a file, you do not upload the file to a server. The only thing that is uploaded is the digital fingerprint of the file, which is completely incomprehensible and irreducible in relation to the contents of the original validated file. 

This means that your personal, private or confidential information never leaves your device, not during validation, nor during verification; FileValidator does not handle, store or see any content.

Powered by VIDT Datalink

The VIDT token transactions are key to the identification and confirmation of the identity of the publisher. Every time you validate a file, a VIDT transaction is made which records all necessary details.

You can buy VIDT through KuCoin, Uniswap and Binance. Also make sure to check out VIDT Datalink's Youtube channel, Telegram Channel, Twitter feed and Medium stories to stay updated on VIDT Datalink and FileValidator's developments!